anBAU: cultivated_landscapes

17.09.-12.12.2021 / Liuba Gallery Lübbenau

We reap what we sow. That’s what they say. So we ask ourselves: what do we want to cultivate and how do we want to do it?

The exhibition “anBAU: cultivated_landscapes” reveals artistic perspectives on the subject of land(economies). Through cultivation of the soil, irrigation systems or clearing, land is appropriated, levelled and made arable for cultivation. As a livelihood and cultural landscape, cultivation shapes habitats and has an impact on entire ecosystems – many of the consequences have only become apparent too late and have led to massive environmental damage. The industrialisation and rationalisation of agriculture leaves behind traces of depleted soils, parcelled landscapes and monotony.

Instead of looking at the dreariness of environmental destruction, the focus of the exhibition is on the newly sown seeds of rethinking, on the flourishing landscapes of the future. The exhibition invites us to imagine landscapes that allow for diversity, colour and connectivity. It shows different approaches to give nature a place in our lives again and to break the dichotomy between nature and culture.