Art Talk und Finissage: What’s next?

What characterises and shapes this generation of artists, some of whom have already reached their first milestones in their artistic careers, while others are still at the beginning? What themes and motifs, what visions and forms of expression do they (re)present? Art has always reflected social changes and upheavals or even exerted a direct influence on them. In an Art Talk, we will address the questions and challenges of the current generation of experienced as well as equally young positions from different perspectives. The event should also be understood as an opportunity to uncover supposedly unknown variables and to find one’s own definitions of being an artist:in. The event should include participatory aspects and give artists from the region the opportunity to define and question themselves in the long term. Are you a visual artist? We want to know how you define yourself as an artist. Write it to us in a message. In conversation with:▶️ Dr. Corinna Junker, art historian and director of Museum Schloss Lübben ▶️ Christian Awe, internationally renowned artist and lecturer @christian.awe ▶️ Christine Geißler, artist and creative agency Brandenburg @studio.christinegeiszler@kreativagenturbrandenburg ▶️ Dr. Peter Gröndahl, art market expert and business consultant Moderation: Miriam Büxenstein, owner Liuba Gallery Lübbenau An exploratory journey: Let’s discover the future of art in Lusatia 🥳