Michael Kruscha


Since 2011, Michael Kruscha has been documenting the gaping wounds and rough surfaces of inaccessible and disturbed landscapes of his old home country with painterly works, collages and the camera.

Christin Wilcken

drawing & object

On taut paper Christin Wilcken unfolds puristic landscapes in restrained colours. In her methodical approach of exploratory variation she succeeds in developing a language of decisive reduction.

Thomas Kläber


Thomas Kläber’s move from today’s Elbe-Elster district to Cottbus in the 1980s opened up a new perspective on the areas of land used by lignite mining.

Karin Gier


For about 20 years Karin Gier has been working with earth from the local open-cast mines, the surrounding area or on the road. Even found objects with their traces of wear and weathering wander into her studio and are often part of her paintings and assemblages.

Line Jastram

jewellery & wall work

Line Jastram is a goldsmith, sculptor and freelance artist. Her works are as varied as the themes that move her in her everyday life. The play with materials, the combination of the metallic and the organic, is a recurring feature of her works, which she casts, hammers, draws or paints in the most diverse forms.