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Liuba Gallery is now open. Located in the heart of Lübbenau/Spreewald, the gallery’s lavish space of 70sqm will feature various artists, techniques, media and forms of expression. Showcased works will explore new approaches to local issues, allowing for a holistic art experience.


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Upcoming Exhibition

28th February 2021 – 16th May 2021



mined_landscapes is an artistic attempt to appreciate vanishing landscapes in their diversity, history and morbid beauty. For a long time, the landscape and the cultural coexistence of Lusatia were shaped by open-cast mining. After drastic social upheavals in favour of lignite mining, the loss of homeland and traditions, a new regional identity emerged – that of a successful industrial region which offered jobs, stood for technical progress and competitiveness. However, the intensive exploitation of lignite reserves led to enormous environmental pollution and destruction. The consequences were social, political and ethical eruptions and a rethinking of society as a whole. Mining is gradually being discontinued and the excavated areas, overburden dumps and open-cast mine waste holes are being recultivated. The legacies of lignite mining are barren, gigantic crater landscapes, carved-out voids – mystical open-cast mining landscapes that tell of destruction, exploitation, social upheavals and challenges of the 21st century. Almost unnoticed, they are transformed from now on into huge artificial lake landscapes, into a large local recreation area. The artistic positions bear witness to the direct confrontation between man and nature and the mutual shaping of culture and landscape.

Exhibitions 2021

Over the course of one year, Liuba gallery will host group shows organised around four main themes. Presenting artworks that share a common theme, 2021 will dedicate itself to the topic of construction. Spotlighting constructivism and industrial heritage, the exhibitions will further examine the application of industrially processed materials. The interplay of nature and culture, industry and technology shape our landscapes, leaving traces on surfaces and structures and influencing their overall appearance.

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  • überBAU
  • anBAU
  • neuBAU


The inaugural exhibition will devote itself to the issue of mining. Titled "ausgekohlte_landschaften", the exhibition will bring together different artistic positions. Lausitz is known for its vast lignite mining sites. As a result of lignite production, its landscapes are permanently changed. Furthermore, entire communities are forced out of their familiar surroundings. Lusitz’s residents live from, for and with mining. Gradually, however, mining and manufacturing will disappear along with related jobs. Nature will over time reclaim excavated sites and give rise to the emergence of lakes and innovative urban concepts that will shape the region’s new identity and appearance.


From mid-May Liuba Gallery will feature an artistic exploration of values and ideals constructed by history’s great thinkers. Transporting the concept of superstructure to the present, exhibiting artists will challenge the role art plays in different ideologies, offering new solutions. The exhibitions will illuminate and test the relationship between art and commerce. Can art survive economic pressure? Is the perceived existence of polarity in the art world a reality?


In August Liuba Gallery will bring together artists whose work is informed by the subject of agriculture. Farming, irrigation and deforestation prepare land for levelling and future cultivation. Developed by man, cultivated crops serve as a fundamental livelihood, shaping environments and impacting entire ecosystems. A multitude of resulting implications become apparent when it is already too late, leading to severe environmental disasters. The upcoming exhibitions dedicated to cultivated landscapes will focus on traces left behind by agricultural industrialisation and economisation.


The exhibition “neuBAU” illuminates the process of reconstruction while acknowledging unpredictability and minimising chaos. Through the availability of new information, (re)combining, (re)defining or (de)constructing apparently unrelated materials in unusual or previously unknown ways leads to state-of-the-art practices. Serving as a common element of the showcased works is their inherent contradiction as they bring together seemingly paradox ideas in an array of bold artistic positions.




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